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Road Trauma Support Team of South Australia
Counselling, support groups and accommodation for those affected by road trauma

The Road Trauma Support Team (RTST) of South Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that is financially supported by Ms Bronwyn Killmier, Commissioner for
Victims Rights and fundraising.   

The primary objectives of RTST is to offer an effective and accessible system of help and support to people affected both directly and indirectly by vehicle collisions in
South Australia. 

It is our belief that the provision of emotional support may help to ease the suffering of any South Australian directly or indirectly affected by a vehicle collision; including but not limited to family and friends of the injured or deceased person, the physically and psychologically injured, witnesses and bystanders to a collision, emergency service workers and members of the South Australia Police as well as persons who may be held responsible for causing a vehicle collision.

RTST has extended its services to include assistance with accommodation when families need to stay in Adelaide for hospital or rehabilitation visits, Court or Coronial proceedings and meetings with SAPOL investigators or the DPP.

We understand the unexpected financial burden placed on families during these times.  Should you wish to make enquiries regarding accommodation assistance please telephone 0400 705 066 or 1800 069 528.  We may not be able to facilitate every request for this service and need the community to understand that assistance with accommodation is subject to availability, budget constraints and exclusively at the discretion of RTST. 

Our History
The Ella Wood Fairy Foundation (ELFF) was established by Robyn-Lyn and David WOOD in August 2000 after the death of their 4 year old daughter, Ella WOOD.  In 1999 Ella was tragically killed in a motor vehicle collision which occurred in an Adelaide Shopping Centre car park.  ELFF was a children’s benevolent charity providing support for others in the aftermath of fatal vehicle collisions.  They provided ‘Helping Hand’ boxes of household necessities including trauma teddies, toys, colouring in books and pencils which were made available to families. The South Australia Police (SAPOL) enjoyed an excellent partnership with the Ella Wood Fairy Foundation. Robyn-Lyn Wood and Senior Constable Robyn Crameri were proud joint recipients of the SA Great Award (Adelaide Hills Division) in 2002 in the category of Health.

The Road Trauma Support Team (RTST) of SA was established through the auspices of ELFF in 2004.  SAPOL continued to provide strong support for RTST and were later joined by South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) and in 2009 the Country Fire Service (CFS).

Since 2004 RTST has provided the following free services to the community of South Australia:

    • Support Group Meetings
    • Qualified counsellor referrals 
    • Presentations to SA community groups
    • Promotion of Road Safety
    • Provision of trauma teddies
    • Accommodation - Adelaide (since 2017)

RTST trauma teddies have been named ‘The Ella Bear’ in memory of Ella Wood and as a tribute to our beginning – ‘Ella Wood Fairy Foundation’.  

The Team
The team consists of a volunteer committee comprised of dedicated and passionate people who understand the value of support offered by RTST. 

Free counselling is available to individuals and families affected by road trauma.

RTST holds a monthly Support Group Meeting which is facilitated by a qualified counsellor.